Dana A.

Authentic, real, and personable. A picture is worth a thousand words; let me capture your story! 


Welcome! I'm Dana and I am the type of person who can make you laugh in 30 seconds! I am a military spouse who has taken the challenge to start a photography business from scratch; knowing that moving is always in my future. But with a heart that loves and a strive to never give up, I am here to continue on strongly and willingly. I take each wedding to heart because your investment matters to me. So, let's chat and see if our personalities collide! 

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She is a professional in every sense of the term. Great customer service, courteous, responsive, highly skilled and delivers outstanding work!

She nailed my wedding photos

I had the best time during my photo session with the photographer! I love how much personality shows in my photos! 

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I am speechless! These are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much for the photo session!

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Specializing in light and airy photography, I make sure that each person looks good in every photo. It's more than just clicking a button on a camera, it's posing, working with the light, focusing on the details, and then making sure ya'll look your best! Experience with it all, I am here to serve you as your photographer and make you love your photos for months, even years, after your special day! Focusing on every aspect, each photo you see will make you smile, cry, or laugh (or... all three)! 

When hired for a portrait session of wedding, I can't help but smile with glee because being trusted to be your photographer is an honor, as cliche as this sounds. Starting a photography business is one thing, but being a military spouse who's also a full-time photographer, talk about goose bumps! I take each session and wedding to heart because even though you live in the moment, you can't relive it after it's over. Photos are the only way to make you feel that way again, and that my dear, is something that motivates me to do my best every day!

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