Meet Dana 

Steven & Dana

Married June 13, 2015

How did you meet?

We actually met at work! We both took up summer jobs working for Cutco and when I first met him, I was actually annoyed with him. Who knew that 2 months later, we would be girlfriend and boyfriend!

What do you both like to do for fun?

When the Navy isn't stealing him away from me, we love too...
- Try new restaurants 
- Go to amusement parks 
- Watch Sports
- Travel the world!

What advice do you have for newly weds?

1. Make time for each other, no matter what
2. Always allow the other to do their own thing (they need alone time too)
3. Cook a meal together once a week
4. Go on a date once a month
5. Plan a vacation together once a year

Started Dating August 15th, 2011

March 11th, 2015

Navy Wife. 

Dog Mom. 

Avid Traveler.


My (least, and most) Favorites

My Favorites

. Cherry Blossoms
. Pearls
. Gold, Green, & Pastel Accents
. Dogs
. Traveling the world
. Grey's, Dr. Who, The Crown, Live PD, HP
. Football (GO RAVENS!)
. Baseball (GO PIRATES!)
. Thunderstorms 
. Hot Tea
. Anything BBQ

My Least Favorites

. Clowns
. Bees
. Mushrooms
. Attics

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