1. Grey's, The Good Doctor, Game of Thrones, and Dr. Who are just a few of my favorite shows

2. I grew up in a one-horse town where everyone attended the football game Friday Night

3. I was an athlete in High School, competing in Varsity Swimming, Varsity Track and Field, and a varsity Football manager for three years

4. 9/10 chances, you will see me wearing StitchFix; I just love there clothes and shoes!!

5. My Sunday's consist of NFL Football and evening dinner with my husband and dog <3 

6. I am quite the passionate cook and always enjoy trying new recipes

7. Every summer as a child, my family and I vacationed at Chincoteague Island, Virginia (my home away from home)

8. I originally wanted to be a history teaching, a mail man, and a psychcologist (not in that order)

9. I also told myself I would never get a tattoo... I now have four

10. Many people swear that I act just like Christina Yang from Grey's Anatomy. They're usually right ;)


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