About your photographer

Logical reasons to hire me as your photographer :) 

1. Grey's Anatomy is my most favorite T.V show, with Game of Thrones coming in second. 

2. I am a dog person, or team dog...what ever you want to call it. My husband and I swear that we will own 15 dogs one day... and maybe one human child :)

3. Traveling around the world is what I live for; living in one place for so long gets boring.

4. Food is my favorite thing to talk about...tacos, steak, crabs... french fries. I have so many recipes to share! 

5. I tend to workout weekly... but only if my husband goes... this way I have something to look at ;) 

6. The beach is my getaway. Seriously, if I ever run away, check the beach haha. 

7. I have grown up in a military family and married someone who joined the military, so being on time and having a plan A, B, and C is important. You never know what could go wrong, right?

8. I have a sense of humor and an easy-going attitude. Having fun at a session is important to me and I can easily rub that attitude off and put in on your and your man :)

9. Oh, did I mention dessert is my favorite part of any given day? You can never go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries and cake

10. Last, but not least, I am madly in love with my husband and our future together motivates me to work hard on the days I work to make those off days, even better <3