Hey There...

Love Birds

I love pizza, like really love pizza but do you want to know what I love more? Photographing couples. I have a simple goal, and that is to make the session as fun as possible, even for the guy that just doesn't like their photo being taken. I have the energy and sense of humor to get ya'll laughing and having a great time in about 23 seconds and by the end of the session, your cheeks will hurt from smiling so much. This I can promise you, and, I do not make promises I cannot keep. Photosessions are meant to be fun, and that is exactly what your investment will get you, as well as great photos, when you hire me as your photographer! 



Let's start to get to know each other through some chit chat! Tell me about your boo, your favorite color, the football team you hate, and of course, about how ya'll met! Getting to know who we are as a person and what were passionate about creates a report and a bond so this way, when we meet at your session for the first time, there is no awkward silence, just immediate smiles and laughter!



Once we are sure that I am the right fit for you to be your photographer, a contract will be sent to your email. This contract will state information for your session such as location, time, etc. Once the contract is signed, an invoice will also be sent to your email where you will then click on that email and enter your payment information. From there, you will officially be booked and that date will be yours! Last, and most importantly, a style guide will be sent to your email where it will give advice on what to wear for him and her as well as a Pinterest board to help give you visual ideas!

Once your session is complete, right when I get home, I immediately save your images to a hard drive and download them into Adobe, where the editing will begin right then and there! Once all images are edited, they will be downloaded onto an online gallery where you can download any or all images onto your phone or computer which you will then be aloud to share on social media sites, as well as order any affordable and professional prints right from your gallery! 

The Package

Investment: $215.00


- Within 24 hours after your session, a sneak peek will be posted on my Facebook page!
- A blog post will be created within three days after your session
- Your images will be ready for delivery within five days from your session date and will be emailed or messaged to you!

Whats included:

- A time slot at sunset at any location on the Island

- 60 minutes of consecutive shooting

- Style Guide

- 35 High Resolution Images