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Why Dana Arnold Photography? 

When you are looking to buy thee one and only home, do you hire a realtor who is just starting out or do you look into investing your money in a realtor who has had experience in education, people-skills, market, value, etc? It's easy right? You want to hire someone who you know you can trust, have fun with, and get a result at the end that is much more than pleasing, but forever satisfying. Like buying your forever home, investing in a photographer that will capture your memories that will last a lifetime is just as important. 

With over 100 hours of courses that teach how to shoot better, edit faster, work the details, and ace the fun and prompt poses, I am so excited to call myself a qualified and fun photographer. My lovely couples and families have stated that my sessions are full of fun, humor, romance, spice, and a bit of adventure. I intend to be your friend with the goal in making each person feel comfortable and your greatest photographer with the mindset to capture every single image that shows who you are as a couple. 

I am people-based so your happiness, along with how you look and feel in each image is my number one goal! I enjoy capturing moments that will last a life time and images that you can share with your kids, your grandkids, and so on. It's an honor and a privilege when I am hired to photograph keepsake moments simply because I am trusted into doing the "job" right, all while having fun in the process. 

Your story in photographs is worth being exposed; let me be the one to capture it for you!




Step 1:

Let's chat! By connecting each other, we can form a comfortable relationship.

Tell me what's on your mind. What is your goal when you hire me to be your photographer? What attracts you to my photography services the most? What's your favorite color? Let's get to know each other better! 

Step 2:

Step 4:

Step 3:

Let's make this official, shall we?

Once we are both ready, it's time to set up a contract. Don't worry, it's easier than it sounds. I send a contract your way that is basic and easy-to-understand. Once that is signed by both of us, your retainer fee will be sent to your email as well. Safe and Secure, so you don't have to worry

Style me pretty! 

Whether for a wedding or a portrait session, I am here to communicate and talk you through it all! Need help on vendors? I have a list. Want to help coordinate colors? I have a template for that! Remember that I am people-based so I am here for you and to help you when I can

Step 5:

Once your big day is all said and done, the first thing I do when I get home is backup your images on three different locations, so this way, they are safe and secure. 

Expect a sneak peek soon, and oh... don't forget about that blog post that will be up in a few days! Those tend to be my brides and grooms favorite thing (well, one of their favorites about me anyways). 

It's the big day! Hydrate. Eat a snack. Because you aren't you when you're hungry! I'll even bring extras along, just in case!

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