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I couldn't find blogs that answered my questions or a person who sent me trusted vendors, locations, and really any information that I needed. This is why I created a special place just for you, my brides! Here you will find updated blog links, vendor lists, recommendations, and more! It's all free so use it wisely and how ever often you need! I hope this page helps you get what you need!

When I first got engaged, my number one source of getting information was from google images and pinterest. I was so behind in trends, it took me until age 21 to even get an iphone for the first time! Yikes. It was hard for me to plan my wedding in just two months so I just went to Michaels and found things I loved that went with my theme... which was beach with pinks and blues. 

I've created this page just for you!

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+ Wedding and Event Save-the-dates, invites, menus, schedules, thank you cards, and more
+ Customizable cards with hundreds of fonts, colors, shapes, and sizes 
+ Free Wedding Planner Kit and Website to keep your wedding day smooth and organized 

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Money is always a sore topic to talk about when it comes to wedding planning. It can be the cause for a beautiful wedding but it can also be the cause of fights with your family and spouse because of budget issues. Here I talk about ways to plan your wedding based on your budget and how to work it out with the money you have! 

LEt's talk money and planning


+ Joullian Vineyards & Winery
+ Carmel Valley Ranch
+ Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa
+ Gardener Ranch
+ The Clubhouse at Boundary Oak
+ Hornblower Cruises & Events - San Francisco
+ Fort Mason Center

Most Popular venues in monterey/
San Fran Area


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A first look is based on having quality alone time with your spouse right before the ceremony begins. It's a way for you to see each other and take the time to enjoy your wedding day without having guest be there! It's a great idea to think about, but might not be for you. Read more to find out the pros and cons of a first look!

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San Fransisco, California Wedding Vendors 

Monterey, California Wedding Vendors

things to do the week of your wedding

Getting to work with the best vendors really does make a wedding day go by smooth! A good vendor team is going to increase your experience on your wedding day. Here are my favorites to work with!

From videographers, to DJ's, wedding planners, and more! I have worked with amazing vendors and with this, I created a list of my all-time favorites that are based on any budget! You can find all my favorites by clicking on the links below!

The week of your wedding is full of planning and organizing. It will be hectic. I created this small list of things to make sure you do the week of your wedding to make it that much better!

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Before you begin planning, but after you have decided on your budget, take a few weeks to simply write down what you and your spouse want when it comes to vendors and venues! List them based on importance and what means the most to you, this way you have an idea of where your money will go first, second, third, etc. 

Try to keep an open mind! No wedding day or planning goes perfect, even with having the best team. Things can simply fall behind! Best advice is to keep the vendors updated and keep things moving along the best you can! Things happen, but having a plan A and B can really make it better!

Lastly, although wedding planning is fun, it can also be stressful! During the process, make sure you take a break from the planning and still focus on each other. You guys are still a couple and still have needs, and rights to go out on a date! Do so without bringing up the wedding planning/ wedding dreams! It will be nice to have the break!

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Wedding planning Quick Tips

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